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The best way to manage your corporate recruiting

VacancyBase is a very powerful, yet easy to use applicant tracking system (ATS), which will help you manage all your vacancies, candidates and recruitment tasks in one single tool.

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The best way to manage your corporate recruiting

Recruiting new employees has never been more easy. With VacancyBase you'll manage all your vacancies, candidates and recruitment tasks in one great tool. Whether you have to manage only a few or up to thousands of applicants, you'll find VacancyBase a pleasure to work with. It's a very easy to use tool, combined with lots of customizable features that will make your work easier, efficient and just more fun to do.

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VacancyBase vacancies


Create and manage all your vacancies in one single place. Publish them to your own website or other job boards. See which recruitment channels are scoring best for you.

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VacancyBase applicants


Find, invite and keep track of candidates. Search through CV's, add reviews and skills, send invitations and use the drag-and-drop recruiting pipeline to manage applicants.

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VacancyBase customization


Almost everything in VacancyBase can be customized to fit your needs. Create your own vacancy types, recruiting pipelines, application forms or automated tasks.

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VacancyBase works without getting in your way

VacancyBase for small to medium businesses

For small to medium companies

You don't need a big recruitment department or thousands of candidates to take full advantage of VacancyBase. Because of it's reasonable pricing, VacancyBase is very affordable for small to medium companies. If you need to scale up, just do so from the application itself: add users, locations, teams and more. Every feature is enabled, you'll get the total package!

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VacancyBase for large companies and enterprises

For large companies and enterprises

Large companies and enterprises will love the possibilities for working in teams or cross-company. With VacancyBase, you'll have a central portal for all the recruitment needs in your different offices. VacancyBase can be hosted on a secure, private virtual platform and you can use your own domain. Every aspect of VacancyBase can be set to fit the needs of your recruiting.

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Your team will love VacancyBase!

Know what's going on in your recruitment team. Send messages, team-review candidates, handle tasks and much more!


Explore VacancyBase's many features which will help you recruite new personnel better and faster

Managing vacancies

  • Role-based vacancy management
  • Easily publish to your website or social media
  • Add recruiting pipelines with unlimited vacancy and applicant statuses
  • Use the funnel to see all candidates and their status on a single, drag-and-drop overview
  • Automatically rank and qualify applicants, based on key-questions or location
  • Create and add your own vacancy details, like jobtype, experience, requirements etc.
  • Work alone, in teams or location based
  • Bookmark vacancies for quick access
  • Use one or multiple application forms for different job types or vacancies
  • Timeline to show every update and mutation
  • Add comments for yourself or other team members

Managing applicants

  • Role-based applicant management
  • See which candidates score best
  • Send and receive mail for every applicant
  • Create appointments with Google Calendar and Outlook integration
  • Search and filter on every detail you like. Search in CV's and motivation letters as well!
  • Save your search results for easy access in the future
  • Add reviews as a user or in a team
  • Easily move applicants to and from other vacancies
  • Create multiple Talent Pools for every user or jobtype
  • Timeline to show every update and mutation
  • Add comments for yourself or other team members

Tools, settings and automation

  • Create and manage unlimited statuses for vacancies and applicants
  • Create and manage unlimited attributes for vacancies
  • Create actions to perform automated tasks, like rule-based rejections, alerts, changing applicant statuses and many more
  • Build unlimited application forms using the drag-and-drop formbuilder
  • Use personalized e-mailtemplates
  • Create teams and users, each with their own role and rights
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Add unlimited offices and locations
  • Connect to your backoffice systems using xml

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