Customization and integration

Almost everything in VacancyBase can be customized to fit your needs.

It's very easy to create different types of vacancies, recruiting pipelines or application forms. Users can work in teams and be assigned to one or multiple locations. Create automated tasks to reduce the amount of work for you and your team. VacancyBase is one of the most flexible tools around, and still very easy to use.

VacancyBase offers internal mailboxes, calendars and task lists for each user. Messages and invitations are linked automatically to candidates, so you'll never have to sift through your ever growing recruitment mailbox again. If you send an invitation, Google and Outlook calendar items are automatically attached. Connecting to your other backoffice-systems is easy, through the extensive VacancyBase API.

Features include:

  • Create and manage unlimited statuses for vacancies and applicants
  • Create and manage unlimited attributes for vacancies
  • Create actions to perform automated tasks, like rule-based rejections, alerts, changing applicant statuses and many more
  • Build unlimited application forms using the drag-and-drop formbuilder
  • Use personalized e-mailtemplates
  • Create teams and users, each with their own role and rights
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Add unlimited offices and locations
  • Connects to your backoffice systems by xml
  • And much more...

Create your own attributes for each vacancy

No job is the same, so you want to add different attributes to different types of vacancies. With VacancyBase it's easy to create attributes like job type, experience level, level of education or whatever you like.

Automated actions

Set actions to different events, like a new application or a status change. Actions can perform automated tasks such as sending confirmation emails, sending alerts to recruiters or trigger third party backend system. Using actions, you can automate your workflow to a great extend!

Use mailtemplates

Create mailtemplates for all communication with candidates and other recruiters. When sending an email, you can select a mailtemplate to easily create your message and to ensure your email is conform company standards.

Drag-and-drop application form builder

Create your own application forms, using the state of the art form builder. Add default questions, or create a questionnaire for your candidates to fill out during the application proces.

Manage users and teams

Easily manage users from within the application. Add a profile picture, roles, emailaddresses, locations and more. You can even add users to teams to work in cooperation!

Integrated calendar

VacancyBase offers a full-fledged calendar. All appointments, meetings, job interviews and other calendar items are shown in the shared company calendar, or your personal calendar. You can send invitations with Google or Outlook calendar items, which will be added to the recipients' own calendar with a single click!