Managing applicants

As a recruiter, you know managing applicants can be a very tough job.

VacancyBase has many customizable tools, dashboards and alerts to help you to keep track of all communication and email, respond in time and of course, find the right person for the job. You can add skills and reviews to applicants, send invitations by email and search in CV's and motivation letters. Applicants are automatically ranked when they apply to a job, so you'll find the best candidates for your vacancy immediately.

Features include:

  • Role-based applicant management
  • Send and receive mail for every applicant
  • Create appointments with Google Calendar and Outlook integration
  • Search and filter on every detail you like. Search in CV's and motivation letters as well!
  • Save your search results for easy access in the future
  • Add reviews as a user or in a team
  • Create multiple Talent Pools for every user of jobtype
  • Teamline to show every update and mutation
  • Add comments for other users and team members
  • And much more...

Clear overview of applicants

All applicants are visible in easy-to-read overviews. VacancyBase offers a lot of advanced search and filteroptions, to help you find the right candidate fast. You can search in CV's and motivation letters as well!

All relevant information in one place

All information an applicant has entered during his or her application is visible in strategically layed out screens.

Integrated mailbox and calendar

VacancyBase offers integrated mailboxes and calendars for each user. All mail that has been sent to or recieved, is linked to the applicant automatically. This way, you'll never have to sift through your Outlook mailbox again to find that specific email. You can send copies to your normal mailbox if you like to.

Add skills and reviews

It's very easy to add skills to applicants or to review them. All given scores are added to the applicant's average, so you'll see the overal score of an applicant right away.


Every applicant has his own timeline, so you can keep track of all communication, status changes, appointments and more. The timeline offers you a complete history of each candidate.

Talent pools

You can create multiple talent pools to add interesting candidates to. Make special talent pools for specific jobs, or create one for every user.

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