Managing vacancies

Using VacancyBase you'll have all your vacancies at your fingertips.

You can easily add job descriptions or attributes like requirements or locations to all types of vacancies. All candidates who have applied for a specific job are immediately visible and VacancyBase offers very powerful tools for finding and filtering candidates as well. Every vacancy has its own customizable, drag-and-drop recruiting pipeline to manage applicants in a single, easy to use overview.

Once your vacancy is ready, you can publish it to your careerwebsite, or to multiple job boards, with a single click!

Features include:

  • Role-based vacancy management
  • Easily publish vacancies to your website or social media
  • Add recruiting pipelines with unlimited vacancy and applicant statuses
  • Use the funnel to see all candidates and their status on a single, drag-and-drop overview
  • Automatically rank and qualify applicants, based on key-questions or location
  • Create and add your own vacancy details, like jobtype, experience, requirements etc.
  • Bookmark vacancies
  • Use different application forms for different job types
  • Teamline to show every update and mutation
  • Managing applicants
  • Multi-posting to different job boards
  • And much more...

Edit and manage your vacancies

It's very easy to publish your vacancies. You can build custom made application forms or add attributes like job type, experience, location or any other you can imagine.

Create great job descriptions

The industry-standard WYSIWYG-editor makes it really easy to write appealing job descriptions.

Search and find candidates

See who has applied for your vacancy in easy to read overviews. You can use various filter- and search options to find the right candidate. Use colors to make applicant statuses stand out.

Automatic ranking of applicants

Wouldn't it be great to automatically categorize your applicants? VacancyBase offers you a smart automatic ranking system! Based on the information given during the application, VacancyBase ranks an applicant within specific thresholds (red, yellow and green). Add many actions like status changes, auto-rejects or alerts to create an automated recruiting pipeline.

Keeping track of changes

Both vacancies and applicants have easy-to-read Timelines, which show all changes. This way, you'll be able to see what happened, who performed changes and when they did it.

Visual recruiting pipeline

Every vacancy has it's own recruiting pipeline. Use the drag-and-drop funnel to move candidates along the different stages of the recruiting process. The funnel gives you a bird-eye view of the status of all applicants.

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